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Eco-Lux Pro™ Radiators

Exceptional German Style Electric Heaters, meticulously crafted to the highest standards in Germany

Our cutting-edge GLOW Eco-Lux Proelectric heaters embody the epitome of German engineering excellence. Each unit seamlessly combines 50% natural convection heat with 50% radiant heat, offering an unparalleled heating experience. With a focus on energy efficiency, these German-style electric heaters are ideal for any heating requirement.

Inside the GLOW Eco-Lux Pro, you’ll discover Magmatic heat retention stones meticulously integrated, providing an impressive additional 45+ minutes of heat for every 15 minutes of electricity used. This innovative feature ensures maximum efficiency while minimizing costs, allowing you to enjoy optimal warmth for longer.

360 VIEW

Upgrade Your Electric Heating System

Why settle for anything less when you can revolutionise your heating experience with our remarkable GLOW Eco-Lux ProGerman Electric Radiators

Unlike conventional convection heaters, our GLOW Eco-Lux ProGerman Electric Heaters boast an innovative 50/50 split between air convection currents and radiant heat. This unique combination ensures a uniform distribution of warmth throughout the room, eliminating issues commonly associated with convection heaters, such as chilly spots and dry air.

Economy is at the core of our design philosophy, which is why our GLOW Eco-Lux ProGerman Electric Radiators are equipped with Magmatic Heat Retention Stones. By utilising a mere 15 minutes of energy, these advanced stones store and radiate heat for a remarkable 45 minutes. Our German heaters have been meticulously engineered for maximum efficiency, offering a heating solution that surpasses all expectations.

A Range Of Sizes

Find the perfect radiator for your room and home, with a range of options to choose from.

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Designed For Any Space


The ideal replacement for your existing radiators, designed to fit any space.


Taller radiators that are designed to fit in and heat larger spaces.


Low radiators ideal for those rooms where standard radiators won’t fit.

Advantages of Eco-Lux Pro™

Our Full Range

Eco-Lux Pro Heater (kW) Dimensions (mm) Approx Weight (kg)
0.6 380(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 22
0.8 380(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 22
1.0 680(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 36
1.2 680(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 36
1.4 850(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 45
1.5 980(w) x 630(h) x 70(d)  50
1.8 980(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 50
2.0 1280(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 62
2.2 1280(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 62
2.4 1280(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 62
2.8 1580(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 82
3.0 1580(w) x 630(h) x 70(d) 82
Eco-Lux Pro Heater TALL (kW) Dimensions (mm) Approx Weight (kg)
1.2 380(w) x 1240(h) x 70(d) 35
1.8 550(w) x 1240(h) x 70(d) 58
2.2 680(w) x 1240(h) x 70(d) 66
Eco-Lux Pro Heater LONG (kW) Dimensions (mm) Approx Weight (kg)
0.8 680(w) x 340(h) x 70(d) 21
1.0 850(w) x 340(h) x 70(d) 24.5
1.6 1280(w) x 340(h) x 70(d) 82
2.0 1580(w) x 340(h) x 70(d) 38

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