GLOW offers, electric heating and instant electric hot water systems

One of the main benefits of electric is that it is versatile, and offers you COMFORT and CONTROL 24/7

Electric is 100% EFFICIENT, all the electric you buy, converts into heat that you use.

Electric is ECO-FRIENDLY, it’s not a fossil fuel and each year we are making more electric from solar and wind power in the UK.

Electric is CLEAN and there are no polluting gases emitted by your house – smaller CARBON FOOTPRINT

Electric is SAFER, LESS TOXIC and MORE RELIABLE reliable than other heating sources.

Electric DOES NOT require expensive maintenance, and we offer 25 years guarantees!

Electric heaters DO NOT require expensive yearly, electrical safety certificates

Electric heating is CHEAPER TO INSTALL THAN GAS, LPG or OIL, and in general and electric heating system lasts twice as long too

Electric heating has NO PIPES FULL OF WATER , so no burst pipes and therefore no risk of water damage to your property.

Electric heating is SILENT and there is no LIMESCALE build up either.


We’re happy to discuss on anything to do with electrics, gas or water, so just call us on our FREEPHONE number 0800 193 4320 or drop us a email to info@glowelectricheat.com and we’ll help you.

Our ELKATHERM® heaters are manufactured in Germany and perform to extremely high standards and are very energy efficient. The latest developments in ELKATHERM® electric heating include fast and highly reliable components, with a chamotte clay core, and with embedded electric elements.

ELKAtherm heaters are very simple to operate and programme, and save you money on your bills.

SUN AMP Instant Hot water systems, offer you hot water 24/7, and save you money on your bills.

If you consider all the factors, then it’s clear that ELECTRIC is the WINNER, and it’s THE FUTURE.


Did you know the whole country is starting to switch over to electric power?

The Government has recently said that it is going to ban the installation of gas boilers in all new build properties, from 2025 onwards.

Overall when you look at the gas versus electric heating, and you consider that it’s generally only 70% efficient (as much as 30% heat is lost from the boiler through the pipes to the radiators!!!) and has expensive maintenance costs, repair costs, and require annual certificates, then electric is a very viable option.

Gas central heating is untidy, its inflexible and requires pipes and water, that at some stage will leak and damage your property.

Gas central heating is tricky to control, if it’s ON, the whole house is heated upstairs and downstairs, and that’s simply a waste of money…with electric heating, you control each heater individually, thus saving you money.

Oil & LPG

It’s a big job to install an oil or LPG tank, and takes over a week to fit the tank, boiler and radiators, finally do you really want a large unsightly tank in the garden?

Oil and LPG are considerably more than natural gas too, and of course you have to plan ahead and order large quantities upfront, which is an un-necessary financial burden.

Government rules and laws are constantly tightening in regard to Oil and LPG domestic tanks in in regard to position and safety, and all this puts up the price of the fuel. Large tankers also have to visit your property to deliver, and often damage small country lanes in the process. All this means that Oil and LPG are an old and dirty technology, that less face it the world is turning away from.


We pride our ourselves on being local, and always on hand to help with any questions you may have. We are part of ELKAtherm, and benefit from a nationwide UK network, so there’s always someone around you, should you require any assistance.

You will deal with us from the initial survey through to the installation. We’re friendly, and excellent customer service is key to our success and very important to us.

FREEPHONE 0800 193 4320 or email us at info@glowelectricheat.com


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a product that delivered instant hot water 24/7 throughout your whole house? A product that saved you money compared to traditional immersion tanks, and gas combo boilers? That was maintenance-free with a 10-year manufacturers guarantee?

Introducing the Instant Hot Water High-Pressure System from Sunamp


Common issues include:

Poor design – most problems with an air source heat pump system can be traced back to a poor initial design

Poor installation is often an issue

No heat guarantees with heat pumps – and often your house may only reach 18c, meaning that you’ll require secondary heating, which means your bills may go up and not down?

Freezing temperatures – heat pumps do not function well in low temperatures.

Noise – have you heard one working?

Location of the heat pump, can be tricky

Loss of heat production, means that a second form of heating is advisable.

These systems are relatively new to the market, and do offer a wider choice in heating options, but the price for installing a heat pump varies considerably. The costs of installing an air source heat pump can cost around £20,000, while ground source heat pump costs can range anywhere from £20,000 to £35,000.


GLOW Electric Heat, cover a large area of the UK, as you can see on the map.

We cover the following areas:

West Midlands, East Midlands, Warwickshire, Lincolnshire, Peterborough, Northamptonshire,
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We also cover:

Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgshire, Essex

Dont worry if you’ve found us and you are not in these regions, because we are part of a national network that covers the whole of the UK, so we will direct you to one of our partners who can help, just drop us a line to info@glowelecricheat.com and we wlll come back to you with help.


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