Find out how you can get instant hot water 24/7 throughout your whole house. GLOW can SUPPLY and INSTALL, any SUNAMP system, ANYWHERE in the UK

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a product that delivered instant hot water 24/7 throughout your whole house?

Would you be interested to learn more about how Sun Amp saves energy and therefore reduces your electric bill, when compared to traditional immersion tanks, and gas combo boilers too?

Sun Amp is maintenance-free, so no more yearly safety certificates required, and it comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee too!

Sun Amp comes in 4 different sizes and takes up a fraction of the space of a traditional immersion tank

This amazing technology is manufactured in the UK and available now to the domestic market, GLOW™ is an official installer of this product and to date, 8000+ installations have been completed.

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Who wouldn’t like INSTANT HOT WATER 24/7 on demand? Sunamp greatly improves your hot water pressure meaning power showers are now possible.


Sunamp saves you money on your electric bill compared to boilers and immersion heaters. Sunamp is compatible with ECONOMY 7, solar PV, heat pumps and batteries meaning greater savings for you.


10 YEAR GUARANTEE and tested for over 50 years of average use without any degradation. What’s more, there’s absolutely NO MAINTENANCE, and Sunamp systems are extremely safe and quiet when running.


With no need for a separate hot water tank as well as being smaller by design, Sunamp will clear up some much-needed space in your home. Due to its energy efficiency, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint too!


We pride our ourselves on being local, and always on hand to help with any questions you may have. We are part of a UK network and so there’s always someone around you, should you require any assistance.

You will deal with us from the initial survey through to the installation. We’re friendly, and excellent customer service is key to our success and very important to us, plus of course we are a WHICH? Trusted Trader too, offering you peace of mind..

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Super compact and highly efficient

Stores four times more heat than water does

Mains pressure hot water on demand whenever needed

Fully controllable, low carbon & environmentally friendly

Safe, quiet, super insulated and maintenance free

Unique phase change material patented technology

Future proof & fully compatible with Economy 7

10-year manufacturers warranty

Tested to 50 years of average use

Maximises your energy charge to minimise your fuel bill

Developed alongside Edinburgh University

RAL Certified by the German Institute for Quality Assurance

Compact and efficiently designed

Money saving

Environmentally friendly

Fully controllable

Works with any energy source

Maintenance free


Our smallest thermal heat store fits comfortably in tight spaces and are designed to provide cascades of hot water on demand. You can use them with solar PV and existing boilers. Plug one in to get hot water where you need it.

For larger homes, multiple Sunamp thermal heat stores can be easily linked, and work with heat pumps and off-peak electricity, to give you maximum comfort and significant savings.


When you replace your old style immersion heater or boiler with a Sun Amp INSTANT HOT WATER SYSTEM, you will save a considerable amount of money on your bills, but you will also claim back a considerable space…check out the photo opposite to see the space you can potentially gain back, which is often 50-70%

The SUN AMP INSTANT HOT WATER SYSTEM can be placed almost anywhere in your house where you have a cold and hot water pipes, so grab back that space in your airing cupboard?

Did you know that the smaller systems can actually fit in a small cupboard or even under a sink?