We are GLOW™

We’re passionate about being energy-efficient, and saving our customers money on their ever growing energy bills.

We’re ecologically aware and we’re doing our bit to save the planet by offering low cost energy heating systems throughout the UK and Europe.

Glow™ are part of the ELKAtherm™ family, and together, we manufacture and supply and install, economical and stylish electric storage radiators and instant hot water systems and products, in your home or office, that will save you money on your bills, whilst looking modern and contemporary.

Economical and stylish electric storage radiators

Instant hot water systems

Products that save you money and look modern

German engineering, British customer service

It’s a winning combination!

High quality, German engineered products, with the very best British customer service…and 25 year guarantees, what could be better?

Simple to control, 24/7

200 colours and 60 designs

Superior design, that looks good as well as being efficient

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An investment in your electric heating and hot water system, is a worthwhile investment, and it’s the eco friendly option too.

Adds value to your property

Lowers your bills

Gives you comfort and control in every room in your house

Makes financial sense because it pays for itself as the years roll on

Helps to reduce your carbon footprint

Depending on the size of you house and where you live in the UK, a new gas boiler and radiators and pipework, will cost you anywhere from £4000-8000. Gas and electric heating products and installation costs are comparable nowadays, but electric is 100% efficient, and totally controllable 24/7.

High quality, electric heating and storage system:

A small bungalow / flat will cost approx £2500-£5000

An average 3-4 bed house will cost £4000-£8000

Instant hot water system:

A small bungalow / flat will cost approx £2500-£4000

An average 3-4 bed house will cost £4000-£6000

What our customers say

Real quotes from real customers. Nothing tells you more about GLOW Electric Heat than what our customers tell us.

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“Great customer care and professionalism shown when we decided to get our heating system installed" "The radiators look and work fantastic. I now look forward to cost effective future energy bills" "Extremely satisfied with the whole of the service. The radiators look and perform better than we expected"

Sunamp Instant Hot Water High Pressure System

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a product that delivered instant hot water 24/7 throughout your whole house? A product that saved you money compared to traditional immersion tanks, and gas combo boilers? That was maintenance-free with a 10-year manufacturers guarantee?

Introducing the Instant Hot Water High-Pressure System from Sunamp

The 4 GLOW™ Guarantees

25 YEAR guarantee on any breakdown whatsoever, in regard to the chamotte clay core and electronics inside in the core. We ALWAYS replace and never repair.

4 YEAR guarantee on the thermostats that control the temperature in the room, Most competitors, offer 2 years. We ALWAYS replace and never repair.

STAY WARM guarantee Every room that has an ELAKAtherm™ heater, will reach at least 22 degrees, regardless of the weather outside, or we will refund you or upgrade you to a larger heater FREE

SAVE MONEY guarantee If you new heaters do not save you money, compared to old style night storage heaters, we will remove them and refund you 100%. We have installed over 30,000 heaters in the UK, so we’re confident that our heaters are cost effective and totally reliable.