With GLOW™ the options are endless, in regard to colour, size, style and control

Colour – we have 192 different colours to choose from !

Size – we offer 5 sizes: Standard, Tall, Low, and Ultra-Lo, Dual Core.

Control – You decide how you control your heating, the choice is all yours.

Easy – A simple to use dial.

Personal – Fully programmable digital thermostat.

Anywhere – for complete control 24/7 from anywhere in the world, we have an Heat app that you can use on phone or tablet, so you can control all the heaters in your house at the same time.

With all this choice, we will deliver you an efficient, stylish heating system that is truly tailored to suit your lifestyle and your heating requirements, and don’t forget on top of this, we will guarantee your heaters for 30 years.

Now doesn’t that sound like something worthwhile investing in?


The most popular colour is still unsurprisingly white, but within white there is still a lot of choice. RAL 9010 is an off white and is the most popular colour and also popular is brilliant white where and 80% of our customers choose this colour.

However, with GLOW it’s all about choice, so if you want to make a statement or match to an existing colour scheme in a room, we have 192 choices for you !


GLOW™ offers a range of radiator sizes and designs, to ensure that your electric central heating not only keeps you lovely and warm, but that it also fits and looks good in the space you have available.

We have 3 different sizes ranges of electric radiators:

Tall, Standard and Low, and Ultra-Low

Our heaters start at 300 watts for a small bathroom, and go up to 3000 watts for a large space like an open-plan lounge or conservatory

In order to ensure that the heater gets your room warm even in the depths of winter, we always conduct a FREE survey at your property, which takes into consideration:

the cubic capacity of the room

the overall insulation level in the property

the thickness of the walls / cavity wall insulation

the thickness of floor and the covering

the windows and the doors

This will give a very accurate figure in regard to the exact amount of kilowatts required to heat this space economically and efficiently.


Our Standard Radiators are the perfect solution to any room in your house. They come in 5 sizes and are the perfect replacement for your old night storage heaters.


Our Compact Radiators offer the perfect solution for rooms in your home with dwarf walls, or large windows or low walls. We typically install these heaters in conservatories most frequently.


The Ultra Compact Radiators are designed to heat rooms with floor to ceiling windows and small spaces. With a height of just 24cm they’re perfect for utilising the space you have.


Our Tall Radiators are 1200mm high, yet only 80mm thick and are designed to heat places such as kitchens, halls and where space is at a premium. These Tall Radiators offer a stylish contemporary look to any room.


Our Dual Core Radiators are designed to heat large rooms, or rooms with limited wall space or simply where there is a requirement for extra power. These Dual Core radiators have 2 ceramic heat core inside and and three layers of flutes, and can pump out 3000w of heat energy.


We pride our ourselves on being local, and always on hand to help with any questions you may have. We are part of a UK network and so there’s always someone around you, should you require any assistance.

You will deal with us from the initial survey through to the installation. We’re friendly, and excellent customer service is key to our success and very important to us, plus of course we are a WHICH? Trusted Trader too, offering you peace of mind..

FREEPHONE 0800 193 4320


We’ve created an electric central heating system that lets you control the HEAT the way you want to.

If you like using apps on your smartphone or tablet the HeatApp might be for you? Perhaps you want a wireless thermostat that you can programme, or maybe you prefer a manual dial that lets you make quick, easy changes? The Choice is all yours with GLOW

Integrated Thermostats – All of our electric radiators come with the option of an intergrated manual or digital thermostat which means they’re ideal for both stationary and portable heaters and the perfect electric heating control.

Room Thermostats – Our room thermostats are simple to use and offer adaptive electric heating control for greater comfort. They can be individually programmed so that you’re only heating the rooms that you need too.

They also have a very clever open window feature which will detect an open window and lower power, saving you more money.

Plug in thermostat – The plug in thermostat is a no hassel solution which simply allows you to plug in and play. This is ideal for both stationary and portable heaters and has a manual thermostat so that you can easily control the temperature of the room.