Old Night Storage Heaters vs GLOW™ Electric Heaters

A side-by-side comparison, showing old night storage heaters vs GLOW Electric Heaters and why our GLOW™ electric heaters stand so far apart from the old night-time storage heaters.

Ineffective night storage heaters

By far one of the biggest complaints from customers who’ve previously had night storage heaters was that it was impossible to control the heat. We all like to stay warm, and some days we feel the chill more than others.

The old style of night storage heater wasn’t fitted with a thermostat, so regardless of the temperature outside you couldn’t adjust the temperature to suit.

Most night storage heaters are also used on Economy 7 tariffs in order to charge overnight at a lower rate, however, the heat is then distributed from morning onwards, and by late afternoon when the winter air begins to get particularly nippy, there isn’t any heat left in the system. Although most have an input-output dial, most find that it only gives the perception of control as opposed to actually changing the temperature in your home.

And on very cold days? The boost function is charged at a premium rate on the Economy 7 tariff, ultimately making any cost savings of a night storage heating redundant.

Effortlessly efficient GLOW™ heaters

Whether you’d prefer to control your heating using a 7-setting easy-to-use thermostat or from an app on your mobile phone, GLOW™ delivers.

Every heater has an individual, integrated thermostat, so you can control the heat in every room, as and when you need it. Control the full system from your app, or adjust the temperature room by room as required. Also it’s all fully programmable, so one it’s set is runs itself effortlessly. If you need a boost at anytime, then it’s just a twist of the dial and the room heats up rapidly. Twist it back and it reverts to the programme, SIMPLE technology for all to enjoy.

Old style electric night storage heaters

For night storage heaters to be economical they rely on using an Economy 7 tariff. Each unit charges for approximately 7 hours, regardless of whether the heating is in use; the only way to make this cost-effective is by using a night-time tariff.

The flip-side of this is that Economy 7 tariffs usually have a premium day rate, meaning you pay over the odds for all your daytime electricity usage! Is it time to switch to a new way of heating? Give us a call, and we’ll come over and do a FREE, no obligation home survey.

Economical GLOW™ heaters

The core in every GLOW™ heater is very efficient at storing heat. The unit requires only a small trickle of electricity in order to maintain a consistent heat.

For every hour of use, typically our heaters only require around 15 mins so this means you are getting free heat for around 45 mins in every hour, that our heaters are running! It really does makes sense to make the switch over to electric heating.

And remember, GLOW™ heaters can be used at any time of day or night, freeing you from Economy 7 and opening access the lowest tariffs available from energy suppliers.

Night storage heater cores

Not many people get the opportunity to take a peek inside a night storage heater, but the Glow™ Electric Heating Experts do, and it isn’t a pretty sight.

You won’t be surprised to hear that the technology behind these old heating systems isn’t particularly sophisticated. The principle makes sense, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

As you can see, the bricks that make the core are very thick, and the heating element isn’t attached to the core, but instead sits within it.

GLOW™ heater cores

While GLOW™ adopts a similar system to night storage heaters, it brings with it advances in modern technology. While old heating systems used clay bricks (sometimes with added asbestos!), GLOW™’s advanced core uses chamotte, a unique non-porous ceramic. The heating element is embedded directly within the chamotte core, allowing for direct heat transfer and an incredibly efficient heating system.

Unsurprisingly, the profile of GLOW™’s modern night storage heater is more slimline than it’s older relatives, at just 20mm for a standard unit, or 40mm in units designed for high output with low wall space.

That’s Our comparison on Night Storage Heaters vs GLOW™ Electric Heaters. We currently offer a Free Home Suvery where one of our engineers will come out and see how we can replace your storage heaters with our new cost efficent GLOW Heaters.


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